Sunday, June 19, 2011

Volcanic eruptions beneath Antarctic ice

Photo: Mt. Hampton, by British Antarctic Survey

According to the British Antarctic Survey, Antarctica contains many and varied volcanoes, some extinct and some still active.

The volcanic peak of Mount Erebus was scaled by explorer Ernest Shakleton in 1908. In one of his several books, Shakleton reports that on top of this mountain he and his men found large feldspar crystals and pumice, some coated with sulfur.

Ross Island is entirely formed by volcanic action and is comprised of Erebus and three other volcanoes, as well as additional lava flows.

Mount Erebus, the worlds' southernmost active volcano is now the site of MEVO, Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory.

the word Erebus has so often been used in crossword puzzles that it has found its way into a number of crossword clue sites.

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