Thursday, October 4, 2012

Buskers back at Broadway


Commercial-Broadway, I should say -- I still think of my transit station as Broadway, the old name I knew it by for so long.

The buskers are back. Monday I rode down the escalator to the sweet sad strains of Farewell to Nova Scotia. A tall thin fiddler was giving his music to the crowd. Today, a musician was playing an instrumental piece.

The 2010 Olympics put a damper on transit station busking, when some bureaucratic busybody decided that buskers had to audition and pay licencing fees. For a long time after that, I saw no buskers at all.

I've missed these musicians, and feel they should have the right to play in public places for tips. If they want to make music enough to stand in the cold and hope someone will throw in a coin, they should be allowed to. Music makes the commute so much more pleasant.

Welcome, Broadway buskers. Good to have you back.

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