Monday, September 16, 2013

A six-figure number of page views

Recent inspiration was provided by my travels to southern Alberta, including Waterton Lakes National Park, where this picture was taken.

Not quite four years down the road from my early blogging efforts in November 2009, my posts have now received 100,000 page views. This milestone happened earlier than I expected it: I thought it would happen in December.

Not sure it means visitors are reading, but some must be. Today two Surrey viewers landed on fifty-one pages between them.

In the past four months, the average number of pages viewed per visitor has risen to new highs.

For me, the purpose of blogging been a personal challenge: a journey of self-imposed writing practice and an enforced discipline of meeting deadlines and writing daily whether I feel like it or not.

It's definitely paid off. The years of blogging have changed me. I've grown as a writer, and now I don't like to let a day go by without a post. These days, especially when traveling, I often take photos with blog posts in mind.

Visitors and their comments are pure gravy, since I've made no attempt to seek them out.Thanks for caring, and I hope you'll come again. Don't let my photo in the picture above scare you away -- it was a wet and windy day at Waterton.

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