Sunday, December 15, 2013

Off the rack outfits at Build a Bear

I used to tailor for a bear called George, seen here relaxing in a casual business suit on his bed at the Bye the Way B & B in Ottawa.

These days the clutch is slipping on my ancient Bernina, and I haven't time or patience to sew.

Luckily for me, Build a Bear now sells clothes and more, from soccer boots to bathing suits.

Today, to shop for a bear called Dr. Barry, I ventured into Metrotown, a veritable temple of consumerism I've avoided for years.

At Build a Bear, I knew I'd see something suitable, and sure enough, my luck was in. Dr. Barry now has a full set of scrubs to wear in the operating theater, and an X-ray to consult before he operates.

Merry Christmas, Barry. I hope you'll have time for a few rounds of golf during the holidays. 

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