Monday, February 24, 2014

Connie Kaldor and Moonlight Grocery

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Like Joni Mitchell and Buffy Ste Marie, Connie Kaldor is a Canadian singer with roots in the prairies. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, she was educated in theatre at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Kaldor is a pianist, guitarist and singer whose loveliest music evokes prairies scenes. A personal favourite is Wood River, a song of consolation for a troubled time. Saskatoon Moon  and The Canoe Song also evoke the prairie landscape.

Caldor also excels at songs that portray the socio-cultural history of her home region of Canada. Arguably the best of these is Batoche, which evokes the Riel Rebellions and the culture of the Metis.

Moonlight Grocery and Wanderlust express the restlessness of a small-town girl seeking a bigger life. "Every once in awhile, in a woman's life, she's got to pack her bags, and hit that trail...."

Harsh and Unforgiving portrays the hard life of the Saskatchewan farmer, expressed in the immortal line, "one eye on the banker and the other on the sky."

Kaldor has also done a lot of songs for children. A multiple Juno winner, she continues to do concerts. In April she'll be in Chicago, and Fort Macleod, Alberta.

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