Saturday, March 29, 2014

Susan and Terry Jacks and The Poppy Family

Image from Regenerator Records

Terry and Susan Jacks married in 1967. Their band, the Poppy Family, originally included tabla player Satwant Singh as well as Craig McCaw on lead guitar.

In 1969, the group struck gold with That's where I went wrong. In 1970, another big hit, Which way you goin', Billy? was at the top of the charts for 17 weeks. Susan and Terry were briefly married. 

Where Evil Grows became popular in 1972; Good Friends reached star status the same year. In 1973, the group disbanded and Susan moved to Nashville to pursue a solo musical career.

In 1974, Terry Jacks had a huge hit with Seasons in the Sun. In 2009, a widowed Susan returned to Vancouver and performed in the hometown once again. She was interviewed by David Ingram.

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