Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Humans attempt to improve on nature -- again

For eons people have tried to improve on nature, using lipstick, powder, rouge and more. We know that eyeliner goes back at least to the ancient Egyptians. These days, non-facial skin is often seen as a too-plain canvas that needs to be decorated with tattoos.

Nature provides an astonishing array of colourful flowers, but still humans are not satisfied. They want more varied hues than Nature provides. We've all seen the white chrysanths and daisies dyed by being placed in coloured water, which is eventually absorbed into the blooms.

But this one had me fooled. A blue orchid! I had to have it, and when he sold it to me, the nursery man didn't mention that it had been spray painted. I suspected later, when I took a close look, but only found out for sure when the last buds unfurled in pristine white. It's lovely all the same.

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