Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shelly Fralic your words will sure be missed

OMG Shelly Fralic. I can't believe I've read your last column. I feel bereft at the prospect that you will no longer be part of the newspaper that has landed on our doorstep for nearly as long as you've been part of it. I sure will miss your words.

I met you twice in person: once when you were a featured speaker at an Editors' Association of Canada conference, and then again when you signed my copy of your book Making Headlines, one Hundred Years of the Vancouver Sun.

But that's not why I feel I know you. It's all those comments on the affairs of the day, your insight and revelation and self-deprecating humour. And your impassioned and personal first hand reporting about negotiating the perilous waters of change as the Vancouver Sun, along with other newspapers, moved from print to digital delivery.

I wish you the best retirement ever.

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