Friday, May 13, 2016

Spahats Canyon, seen and unseen

The entrance to the high remote Wells Gray Park is from Clearwater on Highway 5. Pyramid Mountain is a tuya, a volcano that erupts under ice during a period of glaciation.

The journey into high country begins with three bridges. Each crosses a canyon so deep that the bottom is invisible from the highway, even from the roadside viewpoints.

The first drop of Spahats Falls (left) is about 60 metres, and a second drop, invisible from the viewing area, brings the total to 73, which is 20 metres higher than Niagara.

Spahats Canyon (below) is too deep and steep for the bottom to be visible from the well fenced viewing area. However, the falls can be heard and the river seen if the observer stands at the top of the closed canyon.

Three visible layers of volcanic rock were laid down in the canyon walls half a million years ago.

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