Monday, June 27, 2016

Toronto Islands tranquillity

Pleasure boats ride at anchor in the three yacht basins in the Toronto Islands. Hanlon's Point  on Ward's Island has earned the designation of a Blue Flag beach, an international standard of eco-cleanliness.

The Toronto Islands were once a peninsula; they were ripped from the mainland during a massive storm in 1858.

A few minutes' ferry ride from downtown Toronto, this oasis of calm and quiet allows no cars except service vehicles.

In the past, many Torontonians built summer cottages and beautiful homes on these islands. But WWII changed Centre Island changed radically; after it, all private homes were repossessed and demolished to give way to a public park. There are still a few houses on the other islands: 262 to be exact.

Love to live on the Toronto Islands? Good luck with that. Owners know what they have, and rarely is anyone is willing to part with such a special property. For potential buyers, there's a years-long waiting list for the lottery. If your name is picked, only then can you bid on one of the very rare homes that comes up for sale.

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