Friday, December 2, 2016

Inspiring words from TWS Readers at Cottage Bistro

Last night at Cottage Bistro, the SFU TWS Reading community inspired a lively audience. Left, co-host Diana Joy adjusts microphone for the featured readerJanie Chang, whose new book, Dragon Springs Road, launches January 2017. "I want to be a fox," says her seven-year-old protagonist. "Change me into a fox."

Appearing in the order listed, the lines below are from the work of Valerie Chalker Whitfield, Erica Evelyn Simmonds, Christine Hayvice, Culleen Bryant, Angela Kenyon, Christina Myers, and Ingrid Rose.

The lines below were heard by the audience:

All bodies are welcome here.

I told her I thought she did a good job, proud of using my tact.

The wig got passed around...I had one of those styrofoam heads in my car.

God is a laughing Bedouin.

I'm constantly given indications, but I'm always unprepared.

Stand up. Find the clothes. Go downstairs. Start a load.

Left wing factions cacophonous in my ear.

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