Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cookery heritage

I acquired this cookbook a long time ago, from a woman returning to England after living in Kitimat, BC. Anna's home town of Roundhay, Leeds, sounded most exotic.

Prominently displayed on top right cover of this 1972 edition is the original price: two shillings and sixpence.

I used Marguerite Patton's cookbook a lot, in spite of having to decipher her measurement system, including ounces of flour, and oven temperature mysteries like Gas Mark IV.

Doing a roast beef dinner, I ventured to try her Yorkshire Pudding recipe -- so delicious that I never sought another. When Yasemin grew old enough to cook, she too mastered Marguerite's recipe and I must say, my daughter makes a fine Yorkshire pudding -- though we use butter, not lard.

Until recently, I had no idea that this lady had once headed the Ministry of Food, located in Harrods Department Store, or that she'd lived to age 99 and been awarded an OBE.

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