Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Radio Room of a Lancaster Bomber

In WWII, being wireless operator on a bomber was not a nice job. Fellow crew members were the pilot, navigator, engineer, bomb aimer, mid-upper gunner and rear gunner. The "Lanc" was first built in 1941, on the altered chassis of a Manchester and powered by four Rolls Royce Merlin Mark X engines. To see the real plane, you need to go to Bomber Command Museum in Nanton, Alberta. This link shows one of the two remaining Lancasters on a ceremonial flight. This bomber has a 102-foot wingspan.

A Lanc can also be seen flying at IWM Duxford, where the startup and takeoff make a noisy display. Nineteen Lancs from 617 Squadron carried out Operation Chastise, the Dambusters Raid on the industrial Ruhr in 1943. The wooden model below and the radio room above are located at the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley.

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