Friday, July 7, 2017

Flightpaths by Heidi Greco

Heidi Greco's well-researched book of poetry alludes to primary sources, of which there are many, to evoke the legendary pilot as a whole woman of complex aspect. Around her disappearance, all is uncertainty. However, a recent Washington Post news story raises one more theory about the fate of the disappearing flyer.

In this picture from britannica, Amelia Earhart stands beside her plane after her first solo crossing of the Atlantic. Perhaps the shadowy figure in the background is Fred, her navigator, limned but faintly, just as he is in Greco's well-crafted collection about the storied aviator.

The poems also evoke Amelia as a child, a sister, a friend, a dreamer, and a dog owner, and readers glimpse her ambiguous marriage and her daughter.

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