Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Australian Kangaroo Paw and Bottlebrush now available here

Native to Australia, Kangaroo Paw is a new arrival in local nurseries. A red and green variety is the basis of one of Ian White's Australian Bush Flower Essences. It helps people who need to shift their focus away from themselves in order to become more aware of the needs of others.

The kangaroo paw is emblematic of Western Australia and comes in many colours. The fuzzy ones seen in the picture taken in 99 Nursery in Surrey are slightly different from the one used to make the essence. Recently, I spotted bottlebrush, another Australian native, in Cedar Rim Nursery in Langley. This essence helps people brush away unhealthy threads that hold them to the past, and strengthens mother-baby bonds.

These plants are immediately noticeable as they are so obviously not from here. They come from beyond an 18th century faunal boundary proposed by British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. Possibly related to tectonic movement, the Wallace Line line demarcates ecozones in the southern ocean.

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