Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Life lesson in the shower signals spiritual evolution

Every house has its peculiarities and ours is no exception. When someone is using the upstairs shower, nobody else had better turn on a tap elsewhere in the house. If they do, the water temp can change drastically -- so the bather gets boiled or frozen, or in some cases, the pressure is reduced to a trickle. This is definitely not good if you've just shampooed your hair.

Thus, we've evolved a habit of announcing to anyone else who is home, "I'm going to take a shower now." Translation: don't anyone else use water right now. On emerging, we call, "I'm out," meaning anyone who wants to turn on a tap or flush a toilet is now free to do so.

This system has worked for years and years, but the other day, it failed. I didn't get mad this time, or take it personally, as I used to. Years ago, when there were a lot more of us in the house, it happened on a regular basis and I would suspect people were doing it on purpose to annoy me.  This time, I calmly stepped out of the stream, adjusted the temperature and waited for the pressure to return to normal.

Noticing my calm reaction to this minor discomfort, I was pleased. It means I'm evolving. Now I realize nothing is personal, blame is futile, and I'm not the centre of other people's universes. Good to know.

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