Thursday, March 1, 2018

The ice, the ice

At dusk, people approach Edmonton's amazing Ice Castle. This structure is made by hand with farmed icicles born of water from the North Saskatchewan River that flows through the city. The fresh water used in construction will be returned to the river when the season ends. The city of Edmonton hosted Canada's first Ice Castle; this is its third year in Hawrelak Park.

Ice Castles began when Brent Christensen, an artistic American dad, built a small one in his midwest front yard for his daughter.
The castle has a fountain, slides for kids, a real fireplace, and a gorgeous throne, sculpted of clear ice and flanked by leaf- shaped side tables. It's all sheer magic. But the ice in the river is softening, the weather warming. The castle will only be open for another few days.

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  1. Even as it begins to melt, the ice-castle looks fascinating. I'm glad all that water will return to the river.