Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Himalayan Blue Poppy

A friend spotted this poppy as we walked through the Van Dusen gardens. Seeing the Himalayan Blue reminded me of my attempt to grow one. I sent away for a root of this rare flower and planted it according to the fussy directions on the package, being careful to give it neither direct sun nor full shade. This flower prefers "mottled light."

In due course, the plant grew and came into bud. The blue was already visible and the petals ready to burst from the bud when I made a tragic mistake: I moved the pot.

I had mistakenly thought the new position was an improvement. Evidently the poppy disagreed. The single bud dropped off without opening, and the plant never developed another. Though I haven't tried to grow this type of poppy again, I still think they're beautiful.

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