Thursday, June 14, 2018

Canadian Authors Metro Vancouver hosts June Open Mic

Twenty Readers, five minutes each. The eternal refugee spoke these poignant words by poet Lozan YamolkyYou won't find me among those little girls who have been bought and sold and traded -- spoils of war -- I am here. Help raise me...I am the child, and this is our village.

New work from Jay Bates (below) included this line: A lifetime of hurts fitted into a tiny suitcase. 

Among the other words heard: 

Briana Garelli: At Sunday mass, her mother prayed for Blanca's return. 

Susila Bryant: Tales told, lives led, pleadings pled, songs sung. 

Jay Storey: The doors were still operational, but wouldn't be for long. 

Andrew Littler: Those that knew how much they should be drinking, and those that did not. 

Karen LeeThe one thing I remember from Sunday school is that God takes a dim view of self-interest. 

Malcolm van DelstI'm not gonna lie any more, even though I'm exceptionally good at it...If you lose track of the story, you lose track of yourself. 

Tikiri Herath: His ears billowed like the sails of a pirate ship. 

Karen Schauber: He is managing quite well for a purebred...He's a quick study. 

Tara K Torme: You are an unopened Pandora's box. 

Lilija Valis: I'm taking another look at No. Yes takes all the credit...In some cultures, no is not allowed in public. Yes and No need each other, but they quarrel all the time.

Marion Lovelace: I will require a formal pose. Perhaps it will please you to come to the embassy? 

Renee Saklikar: The dance, most of all. 


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful literary evening. I was sorry to miss it

  2. You were missed, Jean, and were mentioned in the intro.

  3. Thank you for sharing about my poetry Carol.
    I am humbled to be one of your many wonderful and gifted poets, writers and story tellers that evening. I look forward to many more events.
    My father thoroughly enjoyed the evening as well.

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  6. Hi Carol, I am an author - Tikiri Herath - who did a short reading at your event. Would it be possible to get some of the photos - if you still have them available? I'd love to add one to my events blog. Many kind thanks!