Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sage Hill Reads

I'm thrilled to be part of the annual Sage Hill Writing retreat, held this year at St Peter's Abbey near Muenster, Saskatchewan. With thirteen monks still in residence, this oldest Benedictine Abbey in Canada has been a wonderful host. This morning we breakfasted on abbey-grown saskatoons.

Friday, we heard readings by award-winning poets Sandra Ridley and Daniel Scott Tysdal. Edmonton novelist Jacqueline Baker is seen reading in the picture. She's the mentor for the six of us struggling to shape our novels during these ten precious distraction-free days.

Words heard at the reading:

" ghosts, can only be glimpsed from the corners of the eyes." Jacqueline Baker

"We cannot act until we have all the facts.
We never have all the facts.
We act."
Daniel Scott Tysdal

"The inevitable rupture in the chest, for the heart opening." Sandra Ridley

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