Thursday, March 31, 2011

China's twisted pearl necklace bridge

Photo: by Pistonheads

A bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau with Zhuhai on the Chinese mainland is expected to be open by 2016.

Designed by NL, a Dutch architectural firm, the bridge must overcome a big challenge. China drives on the right, while ex-colonies Hong Kong and Macau still drive on the left.

The design comes with a literal twist that solves the problem by crossing one lane over the other and then rejoining them in the correct configuration before the traffic arrives on the opposite side.

It's been called a crossover, a switchover and a pearl necklace with a twist. The pearl necklace image comes from the proposed series of artificial islands that will form part of the 50-mile span.

However it's described, when it's completed it is bound to be a unique driving experience. Bild World News gives more details.

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