Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The annual nursery run -- fresh air and fragrance

My neighbour Pinky and I like to celebrate spring with a plant pilgrimage.

A few days ago we set out early. First we enjoyed a leisurely look around the huge property of Art's Nursery in Surrey, for which they kindly lent us an electric golf cart.

It was great fun to tool around and see the plants -- though the azaleas and rhodies weren't out yet -- it's been a late spring.

Our next stop was Cedar Rim Nursery in Langley. There we looked into various greenhouses where we admired the shape, colour and scent of a plethora of plants.

For me, the most memorable greenhouse was the one containing nothing but daphnes. What a wonderful fragrance.

We finished our outing with a nice lunch and a catch-up chat.

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