Sunday, April 24, 2011

The cure for missing Mexico

Life has a way of evolving into regular routines, and we miss the usual patterns when they change.

Our family has been fortunate to enjoy regular vacation visits to Puerto Vallarta in winter or early spring. This year we didn't go, and I found myself missing the beach, the atmosphere and the tropical fruits we so enjoy.

A few days ago, I saw some of the huge papayas that are common there but rare here. These were imported from Central America and had been shipped green.

I bought one and before it ripened, I found Mexican key limes. Yesterday, I cut into the creamy orange flesh of the fruit and squeezed lime juice over it. All I had to do then was close my eyes, and I was back on a shady balcony in Puerto Vallarta, gazing down at the palm-fringed blue Pacific.

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