Thursday, August 4, 2011

Island Libary Salt Spring

Photo: Salt Spring Island Public Library

Salt Spring Island is getting a new library.

The picture above shows the old one, already torn down. Anyone who has never seen a library demolished can watch the process blow by blow in a video published in the Gulf Islands Driftwood.

According to historian Grace Byrne, the Mary Hawkins Memorial Library building was named in honour of the leader of the volunteers who created it. Byrne also states that it was once the only library in BC with a bathtub.

Presumably, there have been none since July 28, when the Salt Spring Island library was torn down. However, though it no longer had a bathtub, this library now has three Kobo e-readers available for loan. This library is definitely changing with the times.

The collection is available in temporary quarters during construction, for which ground has already been broken. The new building will be a work of art, as well as a leading design in sustainability. It will open its doors to the public before the end of next year.

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