Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trees noticed only by their absence

Whenever a tree is cut in Bear Creek Park, the feels different once the gap it makes is exposed. Yet trails in public parks must be maintained, sometimes by felling trees. This old cottonwood no longer leans across the trail. It's been cut into chunks ready to be hauled away.

A devastating example of tree loss happened after a big windstorm in Stanley Park a few winters ago. I still grieve the dark tunnels of greenery that hugged the narrow road round the park for most of my lifetime, and long before. Five years later the missing trees remain conspicuous by their absence.

Still, I guess it's fortunate that this was the only tree cut in Bear Creek Park yesterday. A good thing it was taken down safely, before it fell, damaged other trees and endangered people on the trails. No doubt some unhappy squirrels have had to move house, though.

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