Tuesday, October 15, 2013

R.B. Bennett and the Bennett Buggy

Photo freemasonry.bcy.ca. Viscount Richard Bedford Bennett was a Canadian politician between 1901 and 1938, and a Mason. The "Bennett Buggy," an automobile pulled by a team of horses, was ironically named after the PM during the Great Depression, when farmers could not afford gas for their cars.
A wealthy bachelor, Bennett had little understanding of the problems facing the working people who trekked On to Ottawa He didn't help them.

Image right: Bennett Buggy  from canadaonline.

During the Hungry Thirties, his attempt to ride on the coattails of U.S. President Roosevelt with a Canadian version of the New Deal was seen as too little, too late. His Conservatives lost the election to Mackenzie King's Liberals in 1935.

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