Monday, October 7, 2013

Sir John Abbott, third PM

Sir John Abbott image from The Canadian Encyclopedia

The third man to serve as Canadian Prime Minister, Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott, was born in Lower Canada (now Quebec) and died in Montreal.

After being called to the bar in 1847, he embarked on a teaching career at McGill, his alma mater, first as a law professor and then as dean of the law school there.

He was involved in politics, both as proponent and opponent of The Annexation Manifesto. This was published in the Montreal Gazette in 1849; its signatories favoured joining the Canadas with the United States. 

Abbott sat in the legislative assembly and in the House of Commons for many years, both before and after Confederation (1867). Experienced as Solicitor general, mayor of Montreal, and government leader of the Senate, he took over from Sir John A. Macdonald as Prime Minister in 1891.

Abbott remained in the post only until the following year, when a new government was formed under Sir John SD Thompson.

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