Sunday, January 19, 2014

Turn Turn Turn

Image of album cover from Cave records

First earnings -- this was the cover of the first album I played on my turntable, the first record player to enter our house.

I was sixteen, and my first job financed the music -- well, the first real job. I was a clerk in The Hub, the local news stand, souvenir and record store.

I had spent the summer of my fifteenth birthday cleaning, feeding and exercising horses at the Trail Ride place at the lake. But that was more a fun summer activity than a real job.

When I listened to this song by the Byrds as a teen, I failed to associate it with its cultural roots. In fact, it is based nearly word for word on Ecclesiastes 3 in the Bible. This link is to the King James Bible, the lovely poetic one I grew up with, which has since been replaced by modern versions.

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