Monday, September 22, 2014

Red Lily

Image from ausflowers

The Red Lily, nelumbo nucifera, is also called the Sacred or Indian Lotus and is associated with Buddhism. The seed pod of this aquatic plant, which resembles the nozzle of a sprinkler hose, can be used in food, as are other plant parts.

This essence addresses feelings of vagueness, disconnection and indecision. By taking it, a person can become more present, grounded, and focused. Ian White reports that it has even been used to alleviate symptoms caused by mind- altering drugs, as well as to help comatose and catatonic patients.

People who need the remedy may be absent-minded and impractical, living in their heads and failing to attend to what is going on around them. They may be accident prone or sleep too much. Red Lily supports both Root and Crown Chakras. It relates to the soul, astral and physical planes.

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