Monday, September 1, 2014

Gymea Lily

Image from ausflowers

The Gymea Lily, doryanthes excelsa, a member of the Agaveceae family, produces enormous flowers on stems up to seven metres tall. Its alternative names suggest its qualities: Flame Lily, Spear Lily, Giant Lily, Illawarra Lily.

The essence of this showy lily encourages those seeking new challenges. This remedy gives us the strength to be who we are, to follow our passion and achieve our highest destiny.

On the other hand, Gymea Lily essence can tone down the domineering tendencies of those who automatically take control, so they can feel more humility, and allow others to contribute as well.

Physically, Ian White reports in Bush Flower Healing, this remedy is used by some osteopaths and chiropractors to align the spine, as well as to correct problems with bones and ligaments.

This flower supports the Root and Crown Chakras and connects with the mental and astral planes.

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