Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grey Spider Flower

Grey Spider Flower image from ausflowers

The Grey Spider Flower, or grevillia buxifolia, provides an essence of great value. The plant is used in gardening, and can withstand both drought and a degree of frost.

Yet many find the appearance of this flower ugly or even frightening; indeed the spidery shape suggests a kind of primordial fear.

However, similar to a feeling of attraction, a feeling of revulsion indicates a vibrational connection. This means the essence can help a client who hates the image as much as the one who finds it attractive. One good way of working with the Australian Bush Flower cards is to make up a combination remedy of the flowers the client is most and least drawn to.

Associated with the soul and astral planes, the Grey Spider Flower essence can move the mind away from terror and panic in the direction of faith and courage. The remedy is useful to combat terror arising from nightmares, panic and psychic attack.

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