Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Billy Goat Plum

Image from ausflowers

Depending on climate, the Billy Goat Plum (also called the Kakadu plum, murunga or gubinge) can be a small spreading shrub or a large tree. The form of the fragrant flower is unusual; numerous long stamens rise out of an attractively coloured base.

The Aborigines, with their ancient knowledge of plant material, employed the bark to treat burns, boils and sores. The roots, when soaked in water, were used to relieve itchy rashes on the skin.

In contemporary culture, people are often fed the idea that certain aspects of their bodies, especially a flawed skin, are ugly, unclean or disgusting. This remedy relieves feelings of physical shame and revulsion that may accompany eczema, psoriasis or any bodily discharge that is perceived as unpleasant.

In short, this remedy aids people who must learn not only to accept but to delight in the physical body; in a similar way, it helps to promote open-mindedness.

It is associated with the Sacral Chakra and the Mental and Physical planes.

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