Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flowers of the Australian Bush

Bantam edition 1991 image from

In 1991, Australian naturopath Ian White published his first book on Australian Bush Flower essences. The work was the culmination of years of research. For complex geographical reasons, Australian plants are quite unique, and this native son, a descendant of generations of botanical remedy enthusiasts, spent years tramping through the bush, seeking plants to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Our era is witness to the rapid development of a variety of new healing modalities. In his introduction, White speaks of the crossroads of human history that we now occupy. He considers the bush essences he has discovered to be "among the major keys that will enable us to advance."

The original fifty essences, as explained in the book, generated a great deal of interest. The volume was reissued yearly until 1998, and also published in Auckland, Toronto, London and New York. Dr. White has now produced a companion volume, Bush Flower Healing, which provides more information on the original remedies, as well as the applications of the newer ones.

Along with the descriptions of the remedies themselves, White relates tales of some of his plant hunting expeditions into the remote corners of his homeland. One detail that struck me was the fact that the Australian bush gives out a unique fragrance detectable some way out to sea.

As I study the nature and power of these vibrational healing essences in the coming weeks, as part of my learning process I will be posting information about each of the bush flower remedies. Meanwhile, Ian White's first book makes fascinating reading.

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