Thursday, August 14, 2014


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The Bluebell. a member of the Campanulaceae family, is the classic Australian Bush Flower remedy for opening the heart. It aids those who feel cut off from their feelings.

This coping strategy assumes that positive feelings are limited. Those who need Bluebell fear that happy emotions will run out, and thus try to hold onto them.

When emotions remain unexpressed, the individual is at risk for heart attack, and cardiac wards are full of people who are finally shedding tears and releasing their long pent-up emotions. Indeed, this crying, says Ian White, improves the prognosis following heart attacks.

Bluebell also helps people who are so afraid of lack that they remain unwilling to let go of their possessions, even those they no longer need. A shorthand reminder for those who need Bluebell is that "Love is Letting go of Fear." This remedy is associated with the Mental plane and the Heart Chakra. It is also beneficial for circulation.

Bluebells often grow under trees, and in spring their bloom creates a carpet of brilliant blue.

The picture on the right, from TrekEarth, shows what a bluebell woods looks like in County Down, Ireland

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