Friday, August 15, 2014


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Once dismissed as mere emergency "bush tucker," the boab tree has many nutritious edible parts, including the root. Young boab roots are now being cultivated in Australia and sold as gourmet food.

The flower of the Boab tree has the virtue of clearing negative family patterns, and the one who takes it is aided in moving away from limiting and dysfunctional behaviours.

In families, emotional baggage can be passed from one generation to the next. The Boab remedy helps resolve destructive family history, allowing the person to lay down burdens caused by old unhealthy coping strategies.

The tree grows in an interesting way. A circle of younger trees surround the main trunk, and these commonly merge into the adult bole. The trunk of the Boab, also called the bottle tree, holds fresh water. Water symbolizes emotion, and the Boab remedy can resolve deeply enmeshed emotions.

The fragrance of the Boab resembles that of the tuberose. The remedy is beneficial for those who are victims of prejudice, persecution and abuse. A spray can be made of this essence which is useful in clearing a space of negativity. To such a spray, Angelsword may be added to counteract heavier energies from darker sources.

Boab supports the Root or Base Chakra, and is associated with the Mental, Astral and Etheric planes.

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