Friday, August 8, 2014

Alpine Mint Bush

Image from ausflowers

Australian herbalist Ian White first made up this remedy in the skiing area of New South Wales, the Snowy Mountains. It also grows in Tasmania.

Alpine Mint Bush is a spreading shrub of the Labitae family that gives off a calming and uplifting scent. By working on the emotional and mental levels, this essence can prevent physical exhaustion.

A great remedy for the many aging baby boomers, this essence has the virtue of rejuvenating those who take care of others. This group includes health practitioners and those responsible for making decisions that affect others, as well as well as those on 24-hour call while taking care of their own family members. It can be a great help to those in danger of burnout.

The essence is helpful for those who find it difficult to set boundaries. It is associated with the Mental and Astral energy bodies and the Crown Chakra.

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