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The Basic Code of the Universe, by Massimo Citro

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From a scientific perspective, Massimo Citro explains an array of developments that connect physics, medicine and spirituality, and explain why intention is a such a powerful way of making things happen.

Yet people resist new knowledge. There can be no evolution without fear, admits Dr. Citro, but we are constantly evolving, and "Knowledge is also a medicine for fear."

According to quantum physics, an intelligent field of information, non-local and omnipresent, underlies all that is visible, both living and non-living. We are all literally connected through the zero-point field (sometimes called the Akashic field), which contains a record of everything.

However, Citro emphasizes, "Reality remains veiled; nobody knows it, and everything is an interpretation." In their search for the truth, a philosophers or scientist must use imagination, and send out intuition "like a truffle dog" into the night.

"Water," explains the author, "is able to receive, retain, and return information because it fluctuates between coherent and incoherent states." Therefore, in an ailing body, the introduction of water that carries the appropriate information can return the body's fluids to a coherent state. This mechanism explains how homeopathy works. For readers who have not experienced this type of healing or who prefer scientific explanations to other forms of evidence, the author goes on to describe the experiments by Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier "in which he officially demonstrated the existence of homeopathy" (paper published 2009).

The Basic Code exists at two levels. On the one hand it governs living systems, by holding the information that makes plant and animal bodies grow and replicate in the fashion of their previous generations, (biologist Rupert Sheldrake explains this as morphic resonance within fields). But the field also contains all information needed to program the entire evolution; it is "the essence of the thing itself." Not only do the basic codes govern individuals, but also ensembles (termite colonies, beehives) and non-living things (crystals).

Everything is information, and as the ancient philosopher Heraclitus said, "everything flows and nothing is repeated." The field is extremely complex. Far more than the electromagnetic energy that is only  one aspect of it. The field "creates, corrects, modifies." In fact, it has three functions: to form the shape and architecture of all things, to organize, relate and control all things, and to communicate by exchanging information between sub fields "through incessant inaudible communication of a very weak intensity, the whisperings of matter."

In case it is is too hard for the reader to accept the the book's argument, "The exchange of information is life, and there is no life without communication or communication without life," Citro reminds readers that "everything is inexplicable when it is new." To illustrate, he suggests that one who attempted to use a radio to communicate in the Middle Ages "would have been burned at the stake."

Whatever we may prefer to think, or resist believing, information "is energy being transmitted on electromagnetic waves, propagating variations in the field." Scientific investigation that supports this reality goes back to the nineteenth century, when Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose demonstrated for the initially unwilling Royal Society the similarity in the response curves of inorganic substances and living animal tissues; in other words, "the dividing line between non-living metals and living organisms was very tenuous."

Experiments done by Citro's research group, the Alberto Sorti Institute of Research in Turin, Italy, have revealed that TFF (Transfer Pharmacological Frequency) is capable of impregnating water with the information of a particular medicine, so that the "informed" water can convey the benefits of the medicine.

The reality of TFF has enormous implications. Without side effects, this kind of treatment has already proved efficacious against a wide range of conditions including acute infection, heroin addiction, and Parkinson's. Fortunately, such treatment brings no new dangers, since the body can "discriminate among the range of frequencies that come to it...and resonate with [only] the useful ones." Clearly, we are on the cusp of a very new science.

In his engaging book, Massimo Citro not only gives clear scientific explanations for a wide range of phenomena, he layers in mythological and historic tidbits, and writes with an artistic flair and flashes of humour.

The introduction is by Ervin Laszlo. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, this researcher has written eighty-three widely translated books and founded The General Evolution Research Group and the Club of Budapest. One book is Science and the Akashic Field, an Integrated Theory of Everything (2nd Edition, 2007).

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