Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Image of Hephaestus at his forge Hephaestus Audio

Some versions of his story say this that this lame god of fire and crafts was flung from Mount Olympus by Hera, his mother, because of his deformity.

Other accounts of his early life say Zeus threw down his son and crippled him when the boy tried to shield his mother from her husband's advances.

Hephaestus returned to Olympus in any case, as a master craftsman who fashioned weapons, shields and  armour, even for Achilles. He also made arrows for Eros. His forge was located in a volcano, and his work caused frequent eruptions.

Interestingly enough, this lame and ugly god was married to the lovely Aphrodite. Their wedding was arranged by Zeus to prevent other gods from warring for the favour of this gorgeous goddess.

Though sexual fidelity was rare among the Olympians, jealousy was not. Aphrodite incurred her husband's wrath when she had an affair with his brother Ares.

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