Friday, April 24, 2015

New Granville Island Gallery opens with Zimbabwean sculpture and more

Right: One of the largest and most spectacular pieces, this female bust is made of a stone that is left rough in places (the hair and jewellery) and polished to a smooth sheen for the skin.

Last night the Ukama Gallery held a grand opening on Granville Island. Proprietor Janine Vertone displayed a collection of paintings by local artists and works by Shona carvers in stone from Zimbabwe.
I was delighted to accept the invitation to attend this event because I'd seen this style of stone work at the Zimsculpt exhibition that took place in Van Dusen Gardens in 2011.

The painting below is one of many African animals on display by Alberta-born Artist Kindrie Grove.
Girl with bird, below, was another astonishing work, along with Flight and Girl on a swing, beneath.

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