Friday, November 27, 2015

Gulls behave as if at a formal affair

Approaching the party of gulls at White Rock Beach, I'm surprised by the formal seating arrangement. Males and females alternate as they would at a formal Victorian dinner. All are decked out in evening garb. The males seem to wear serious expressions, along with their grey suits and white shirts. The plumage of the lady gulls is soft, their colours sober, understated.

Gulls are sensitive to the click of a camera; some members of the party had left before I could snap the picture. I imagine them at table. Dinner is about to begin but one female is in the powder room and a last minute arrival is seen practically skidding in to his place.

As for the two at the near end, they've flouted custom and seated themselves. The hostess will be obliged to request that they switch places before the meal.  

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