Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kerrisdale Bell Ringers at Hycroft

The Hycroft Christmas Fair is an annual event I haven't missed in many years. Our annual pilgrimage began when my daughter was young and went on until she left home for UVic, and even after that. Now I go with a friend or alone. The lovely old house, the decorations and the variety of Christmas music continue to appeal.

This was the first year ever that I got to the fair on opening day. Thanks to the bell ringers, who played there only on that day.

I'd always wanted to hear bell ringers, but had little idea of what to expect. It was impressive. With two bells each, these four ladies played an amazing variety of carols.

Meanwhile, back at Kerrisdale Community Centre, there's a whole lot more bell-ringing going on. Jean, the leader of this travelling Christmas bell ringing troupe told us with a gleam in her eye that the bell ringers, "an orchestra really," played all kinds of music and had "chimes, drums, mallets, lots of things." Unfortunately, a lot of the instruments aren't too portable, and a lot of venues can't host such large numbers of performers.

But let me tell you, after having our ears delighted by the small travelling Christmas quartet, next year I intend to go to the  annual home concert. This year it's on December 6, but we were already booked. Meanwhile, the harps, choirs and fair continue until Sunday evening at Hycroft.

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