Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tizer, IrnBru, shandy, traditional English fare

Recently, the popular British Bobby Restaurant in Parksville provided a chance to enjoy some British culinary experiences. My the main course was a familiar style of chicken mushroom pie with mashed potatoes and peas. For dessert, I chose spotted dick, having read of it in Dickens and other British writers. This "pudding" (dessert) is a spicy cake served with warm custard.

The drinks were exotic but not tempting. Tizer (introduced in 1924) was a favoured treat on an elderly friend who spent the blitz in Wimbledon. IrnBru (pronounced Iron Brew) was made famous by Edinburgh mystery writer Ian Rankin and his character John Rebus. When Rebus isn't having beer or whiskey, he enjoys a bacon butty with IrnBru. The Ginger beer reminded me of my mother; long ago in Newfoundland, she drank that and Spruce beer. The bar served Bass ale, favoured by mystery writer Peter Robinson, as well as dandelion and burdock shandy.

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