Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A milestone: thanks to my first 25,000 visitors

Back in the fall of 2009, on a dare, I started blogging. If you will, I will. That sort of thing. After my first entry, I looked at my archives: empty. Posts: one. Much later, I sorted into topics, and quite recently I re-organized the posts and reduced the number of labels.

If I'd known then how persistent I would become at this writing and editing exercise, I would have been amazed. First it was only a couple of times a week. Then, at the beginning of 2011, I set myself the task of posting daily. I let myself off that hook earlier this year, cut back again. But apparently the habit of daily posts had become ingrained, so I've returned to that.

As of today, I've logged more than 25,000 visitors. Lots of readers are looking at multiple pages. Some visitors are new. Others return, and that's an honour. Some have left comments, and one or two have offered corrections. One missing zero had left the wrong impression about a meteorite, but that's fixed now, and I thank you.

And thanks, readers, for continuing to check in on my ramblings about everything from vegetables to volcanoes, from book reviews and writers and to Hudson's Bay Company forts. You are an eclectic group, from an extensive list of countries and every continent except Antarctica.

I love the idea that people who will never see my little corner of the world can read my words and see the pictures I take with my cellphone camera. Even twenty years ago, most people would have had a lot of trouble believing such things would so soon be commonplace.

Isn't the Web wonderful? Thank you, Tim Berners-Lee. And thanks too, to the many other web developers: those who made it happen, and those who kept it free.

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