Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is postmodernism over yet?

Photo: Land's End

Leafing idly --  the catalogue came in the mail.

"Modern styles," proclaims the description of a coat with dolman sleeves, a belt that passes through a slit, leaving the back loose.

Hmm, I thought. That looks rather like the coats Auntie Gladys used to make. This was back in the nineteen-fifties when, as a tiny girl, I admired the talents of my seamstress aunt who had worked in the GWG factory.

Modern seems to go on and on, as by definition, it must.

Yet there was post-modernism too, though possibly the term was not used in fashion; just in academia.

Is that over yet, I wonder. One hears so little of it now.

And if it is, what has replaced it? Post-post-modernism? Or are we back to modernism again?

As we should be, perhaps. After all, most things in life are cyclic.

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