Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving the canna to a more sheltered place

Photo: Canna Tropicana from Wilson Brothers Landscape

This year my canna didn't bloom. I have raised them before and I treated this one well; perhaps it was late developing because we had so much rain in June.

It keeps growing, and they told me at the nursery that it has to reach a certain height before it will flower. I'm feeling hopeful; the current growth looks like it might be a flower spike rather than a leaf. But at the first sign of cooler nights, I'm going to tuck the pot it into a southeast corner where it will be sheltered at night and still get lots of sun by day.

The weather is still hot and summery but there is a fall feeling now. Lots of leaves are coming down, and evening comes noticeably earlier: when I sit on the back porch, I can no longer read past 7:30.

Tonight in the garden, I thought I saw a bat, and was reminded of childhood summer evenings by the lake. It still feels like summer and it's supposed to be 26 degrees tomorrow. Hope my canna soon looks like the picture.

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