Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artist envisions sculpture in bog oak

Experimenting in a new art form, health and wellness professional coach Jackie A. Carter contemplates a piece of bog oak, sussing out what she will sculpt from it.

Bog oak is not a species of wood, but wood that has been altered over time by being buried in a peat bog. Ireland, a country with many bogs, is a good place to find bog oak used with artistry. Michael and Kevin Casey of County Longford display carvings in their studio.

Wood preserved in bogs is used furniture as well as artistic carving. In East Anglia, cabinet makers Adamson and Low describe how the wood is harvested and used.

What is in the wood that wants to be released by this carver? A woman, perhaps.

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  1. thank you Carol, the bog Oak and Bog yew are pieces of wood which are almost 6000 years old. such a pleasure to be working with such ancient pieces. and yes you are right a woman indeed emerged from this piece. I call it 'leaning in' as sometimes we forget to lean in and find support instead we are good at hiding and numbing our emotions and situations and forget to be vulnerable.