Friday, November 15, 2013

Nouns verbing

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In contemporary English, nouns often become verbs.

Is GPS a verb yet?

If it is, here's the opening scene to my spy novel:

George GPSed his way slowly and deliberately toward the shabby apartment where he knew his opposite number, Oliver, had gone to ground.

To avoid being seen, he kept well back and used a zigzag route that would be hard to follow.

Then a sobering thought hit him. What if he was caught? The GPS itself would reveal the secret route by which he had caught up to Evil Ollie, as Oliver had been dubbed by George's boss, Q. 

The moment he collared Ollie, he'd get rid of it. Not that he would be caught, but in case he himself had been followed -- was he being followed even now?

Anyway, if push came to shove, the GPS would have to find its way down the nearest storm drain. George gave a silent and mirthless laugh and pulled his overcoat closer around his ears.

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