Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hycroft Christmas music, memories and food

From the time my daughter was young until she grew up and moved away from the immediate area, we attended UWCV's Hycroft Christmas event together every year.

Then, for a couple of years, I didn't go. Yesterday I went with a friend who's just back from abroad.

What a joy to watch those familiar  faces,  the Hycroft Singers, as they poured heart and soul into their carols, ending in a crescendo with their much-requested rendition of "On the Roof."

A new act, at least for me, was Jeffrey Victor, who sang the golden oldies from the thirties and forties -- the ones first made famous by the likes of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

Sporting an old style haircut and a bow tie, and with the able help of a pianist and his three accompanying Gingerbread Men, Victor crooned his way into the hearts of the crowd.

Today's entertainment includes acrobats, string ensembles and jazz and tomorrow, the final day, will feature some delightful children's choirs.

Another new touch for me: the library was decorated by Banyen Books this year. Also, I hadn't seen the latest version of the Bistro, now located on the deck beneath a very large tent. The food and apple cider were delicious.

Over in the carriage house, I paused before a counter with tiny frozen tourtiere canapes.

"You know it's a meat pie?" asked the presiding lady, a Quebec descendant.

"What's in it?" She listed the spices, and told me the meat was all pork. When she saw me hesitate, she pointed out the turkey version.

"It's done with all the traditional spices," she said. "My grandfather would be turning over in his grave to hear me say this, but I actually prefer the turkey one to the pork."

"I did try to find a taste of authentic tourtiere last time I was in Quebec," I told her. "But it was summer."

"Oh yes." She nodded emphatically. "It's a very seasonal food."

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