Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Garnet Rogers

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Garnet Rogers began his life of musical performance in the band of his late brother Stan. When Stan died in a fiery plane crash, Garnet stopped flying and started drinking.

In in end, he found his way out of the depression left by the loss of his brother. In the thirty years since, Garnet has become a "lone wolf troubadour," continuing to tour and sing.

Now nearly sixty, he divides his time between his music and his Ontario home life with his wife and their Thoroughbred horses.

I recall hearing him a few years back at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver. I well recall the power of his song Night Drive, about himself and his brother Stan.

Summer Lightning is the song Garnet Rogers has said expresses his philosophy. The words of the chorus are what he'd like carved on his tombstone.

"We are brief as summer lightning; we are swift as swallow's flight.
We are sparks that spiral upward in the darkness of the night.
We are frost upon a window; we won't pass this way again.
In the end, dear, only love remains."

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