Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Book of Kells and Trinity College Library in Dublin

Image from Denver Library

The building where the collection of ancient books is houses is very beautiful, part of a group of venerable stone designs set in the green quadrangle of Trinity College Dublin.

The enlarged replicas of the illuminated manuscripts are displayed on lighted panels, with explanatory comments beside them to explain the history, symbology and methodology of making the ancient books. Along with the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow and other ancient books were on display.

Upstairs, The Long Room has a soaring arched ceiling faced in polished wood. Its rows of alcoves are graced with marble busts and filled with ornate wooden shelving and rare antique books.

In this quiet place of study, a series of large panels arranged along both sides explained the bellicose history of the ancient Irish king Brian Boru, who is being celebrated in a millennial festival that takes place at different times and places around the country.

I felt a heavy energy about the ancient place, and after viewing it, I was glad to get away to breathe the fresh air of Phoenix Park. Upon entering Dublin Zoo, I immediately sat down in the Meerkat Restaurant with a cup of tea. The antics of these delightful animals, plainly visible in their spacious habitat behind the cafe window, energized me for for the long walk around the zoo.

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